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Full Version: Strange problem with tags
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I couldn't find this exact problem in the forums. I've been using Kodi 9.2.4/Leia 18.8 with the Rapier skin for some time with no issues. I switched over to the Chroma skin, and now when I try to go to Videos/Movies/Tags, I no longer get a list of my custom tags. Instead it gives a list of all my movies, sorted into three groups according to my three library nodes, and sorted alphabetically within the groups. If I play around with right clicking on movies and hitting the Back button, it will sometimes bring up the New tag/tag listing screen, but I can't always reproduce that. I have about 6 custom tags that I've tagged a small number of movies with. I have "Use tags" enabled in Library Settings. I haven't created any TV Show tags, and when I go to Videos/TV Shows/Tags, the empty screen with the "New tags" option comes up fine. Anyhow, just wondered if this is known bug of some kind, or whether I'm missing some setting or something. I'm using Kodi on an ASUS Chromebox