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Full Version: Help with running command executable from within Radarr v4
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So previously to updating to Radarr V4, on V3 I had a connection set up so that when a new movie was downloaded Radarr would call a batch file to execute the following command: C:\tmm_4.0.1_win\tinyMediaManagerCMD.exe movie -u -n -r to scrape the unscraped movies.

Now with V4, this has stopped working. Is there someone who is familiar with the command executable and with Radarr V4 that can help me get this working again?

I have no idea how to run scripts. It was quite simple before, just a call to the batch file that contains the commands, but that functionality is now gone.
if you run the batch file from a command line, is there any useful output?

according to the docs this should be the right command