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Full Version: Problem with matroska files missing video bitrate info
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Recently I noticed tmm fails to update video bitrate information for some matroska files when running "update media files" command.
It turned out that a lot of matroska files simply don't contain such metadata depending how they were encoded.
For instance, see this:

The bug with tmm is that when a new file lacks such metadata, it retains the info from previous file in the database even though the updated mediainfo.xml file no longer contains the information.
For missing audio bitrate, it properly leaves it empty both for the db and the xml file.
The only solution to update I found is to remove and re-import the movie, then it shows "overall bitrate" of the new matroska file as video bitrate (of course it's inaccurate since it's a combined bitrate of all audio + video tracks, but it's still better than showing the previous file's. Probably the user needs to remux such files with latest mkv encoding tools to add accurate bitrate per track metadata).
well, just exchanging the video file is not handled by the logic for 100% (it is even worse if you exchange the video with another filetype or with something special like a BR folder structure) - so for now your "workaround" is the only safe way to exchange the video file.

nevertheless I will add some logic to handle such an exchange in a more clean way (if you exchange "compatible" versions of the same movie)
Actually I'm running "Update selected movie" command first when file type is different so that tmm's media file tab shows the new video file properly instead of the previous file. And then running "Update media info" command with the result stated above.
Looks like the issue is caused by the presence of mediainfo.xml file. Removed all of them and now video info updates fine.
this makes sense - the information about the media files is "buffered" in the mediainfo.xml for faster access.. if you exchange the file, the old values are always read from the mediainfo.xml

but as far as I can remember, I've changed this behaviour lately?! I will have a look at this topic especially for your case
(2020-12-25, 16:21)mlaggner Wrote: [ -> ]but as far as I can remember, I've changed this behaviour lately?!

The new command is rebuilding mediainfo.xml file but not rebuilding the media file data in the database from scratch - only new info gets overwritten.
ok, these two issues should be solved in the next release
(2020-12-26, 15:22)mlaggner Wrote: [ -> ]ok, these two issues should be solved in the next release

Do you mean the nightly version or 4.1?
With latest nightly I still don't see any differences.
the nightly is still built against 4.0.x, but all our bigger changes are now in the 4.1 branch. I hope we can the last few things fixed this week to switch the nightly to 4.1
It's fixed with 4.1 nightly. Thanks!