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Full Version: (RPi3) XBox360 controller ignored
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Hi Forum, I have Leia 18.1 installed on a Raspberry Pi 3, and I finally got the game emulator section working (yes, that's hard to do on Linux, for me), I think. Unfortunately, my Kodi does not accept the existence of my XBox360 controller in order to use the IAGL or even in-menu controls. I did activate xboxdrv, and Kodi will detect the controller when run as a mouse, but that renders it impossible to button-map while in Kodi. I have searched for hours now for a solution but I cannot figure it out at all. It exists according to xboxdrv, but Kodi can't seem to see it even as a generic controller. Is there something I am missing? I will provide any information or logs needed, as long as I can understand how to print/post it.
install and enable the kodi-peripheral-joystick addon
Thanks, you're awesome! Somehow in my 8 hours of searching I did not find that simple solution. It worked fine right up until Kodi crashed in IAGL. But that's progress!