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Full Version: How to install skin from Amber Repo?
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I downloaded Amber repo zip file from the following link: https://github.com/bartolomesoriano/repo...-1.0.1.zip and installed in Kodi. But the skin "Amber" itself hasn't been installed, I can see only "Amber repository" (1.0.1) add-on. I don't know what to do next to have latest Amber version which will be updated automatically...

Thx for your replies.
Install the repo using "Install from zip", and then install the skin itself using "Install from Repo" using the Amber repo that you just installed in the previous step.

You should find the skin itself under "Look and Feel" and then "Skins" in the repo.

See the wiki pages for more details - HOW-TO:Change_skins (wiki) and Add-on_manager#How_to_install_from_a_ZIP_file (wiki)