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Full Version: Spotify Now Playing
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I think no Kodi skin has this function but I think you can add below the date and the weather a line for Spotify now playing.

Maybe you can do it with a Python API but I don't know.

It would be so nice!

Wishes from Germany,
By the way Spotify now Playing is only a line, which says what are you hearing right now. So if you hear Hello from Adele then you see maybe:
đŸŽ” Adele - Hello

So that I want to describe.
Keine sorge :-) I'll take a look and see if something can be done.
Happy new year dear @thedeadman !

A few minutes ago, while listening to music, I was reallly surprised seeing lyrics on my screen.
I didn't do anything special : it just showed up !
I was very happy. Really enjoyed.
I could move up and down with remote.
Clicking on words moved back/forward to corresponding moment in song.

Unfortunately right now, trying to show lyrics again, for the very same song... with no success.

Really can't understand what could have happened ?

I found no news about lyrics in this forum.
I have CU LRC Lyrics installed : I think it was activated.

Love Pellucid,
SĂ©bastien, using OSMC Kodi 18.9
Sorry (again) for my post above :
wrong thread (again)...
(2021-01-09, 19:51)thedeadman Wrote: [ -> ]Keine sorge :-) I'll take a look and see if something can be done.

Like it.

I don't know but you can use for Now Playing the layout of your update notification and place it on an another corner.