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Full Version: Double-Bill programme - Unable to set recording for both items
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Hi @phunkyfish 
I'm having an issue setting a timer for 2 TV shows being shown back-to-back as a double bill. When I select record from the context menu for the first item, the timer icon shows up on the 2nd item, ie the one broadcasting after the item I set the timer for. When I try to select record for the 2nd item afterwards, the option is not available.
It's quite strange, but is something I have seen before on this typing of programming schedule, ie when 2 episodes of the same show are broadcast back-to-back (not often, but I have seen it happen before).

I deleted the timer in Kodi and tried setting from the STB directly. Rather oddly, it did the same thing when setting a timer for the first item, ie the timer icon was showing on the 2nd item. However, I was able to set a timer for the 2nd item and both timers are now showing on the STB and in Kodi. 
So I'm hoping both items will actually be recorded. I was wondering if it might have been better to set an auto-timer, which should set a timer for all items right?

So not sure if this is an issue or not, but letting you know. If you're interested in seeing if the same thing happens for you, the TV show is a mini-series called 'A Teacher' on BBC2. The first 2 episodes are being broadcast on the 3rd January and they are showing all 10 episodes over 5 nights (2 per night). The same thing happened when trying to set timers for broadcasts on the 4th/5th and 6th January in Kodi. So have again set the timers on the STB.
This is exactly the case you need Autotimers for.

Let me create an autotimer for it on mine and see if separate timers are created.
With autotimers everything has timers created correctly.
Great stuff.....I will set mine the same way then!
I will bear this in mind in the future, if the same thing should happen.