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Full Version: powershell process/Service/script left behind after running TMM 4.0.7
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I have downloaded windows version 4.0.7 and extracted TMM to try out but decided not to use it so deleted the folder as stated that is a portable app.
Since then at every startup I get a desktop notification card from Powershell that reads:

preapring to start...
"current day of the week"

So, how do I go about clearing / disabling that proccess or service left behind and stop having that notification event from happening?

thank you.
did you clear the windows notifications? IIRC windows re-displays "unclosed" notifications... or did you copy the tinyMediaManager.exe to your autostart folder?

tmm does not left anything behind if you delete the tmm folder - all tmm related data is stored in the same folder
Yes, nothing found in autostart. 
I disabled powershell notifications on windows and enabled them again after a restart and seems to have clear it.

Thank you