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Full Version: zgemma h92h picon from decoder
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I set the enigma2 vplus addon to read the picons from the decoder, but with poor results, I was wondering maybe you need to set the web interface info in some other way, or you tell me how to read the picons directly from the decoder
What do you mean by poor results?

Also what platform do you run kodi on?
windows 10
(2021-01-03, 22:55)nino33 Wrote: [ -> ]windows 10

I asked you two questions. Please answer the other and supply a full debug log. Instructions in my signature.
so I will try to be clearer, the enigma2 plugin gives me the possibility to insert a picon folder under the voice channels also gives the possibility to receive the picons from the decoder only that I check this option and I do not receive anything, I was wondering if for zgemmah92h there was it a different setting? maybe put the picons in the decoder in a different path? or I don't know what else.
Where picons are usually stored is generally dependent on the image you are running and not the hardware.

On my STB they are in /hdd/picon.

I select “fetch picons from web interface” and “use picons.eu file format” from the General tab of the addon settings. I would try fetch from Web interface first and then try the other options with that if it doesn’t work.
you may be clearer my english is rusty what do i have to do to be able to take picons directly from my decoder which are in this path / picon
maybe I move the picons to another folder? thanks
Can you see the picons in OpenWebIf?

If you can you just need to enable them to come from there in the add-on settings.

If they are only on the STB and not viewable in OpenWebIf I’m not sure how to make them visible.