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Full Version: filter preset bug
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Try the following filter presets:
    "2010s" : [ {
      "id" : "movieDecades",
      "state" : "ACTIVE",
      "filterValue" : "[\"2010s\"]"
    } ],
    "genre" : [ {
      "id" : "movieGenre",
      "state" : "ACTIVE_NEGATIVE",
      "filterValue" : "[\"DOCUMENTARY\",\"SHORT\"]"
    } ],

Then notice if you change from "genre" preset to "2010s" preset, the negative genre selection still applies.
Looks like the bug only occurs if the previously used preset contains a negative selection.
okay, this just looks like a "redraw" issue - the selection works well, just the exclusion is still drawn (just move the mouse above the checkbox and it gets redrawn the right way). I will fix that for the next version
It's fixed. Thanks!