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Full Version: Ignore "movie name" tag of video file
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Yesterday I noticed a very strange behavior. Renamed several hundreds of movies and three of them got a complete different naming.
tmm's renamer for some reason took "movie name" tag of the video file as the title of the movie and renamed folders and files using the tag.

Checked the log:
INFO  [tmmpool-rename-T1] o.t.core.movie.MovieRenamer:339 - Renaming movie:
and suddenly shows the movie name tag as title of the movie and starting renaming folders/files.

Also noticed if a newly imported video file contains "movie name" tag, tmm shows that tag as title of the movie without parsing filename.
Even when the new file is within a folder, folder name gets completely ignored just like filename as if it believes the movie name tag is title of the movie.

Don't know if this is intended, but can you make tmm completely ignore the tag while importing/renaming, etc.?
just give me an example here - I do not fully understand you..

maybe you talk about the new feature, that we use "embedded" meta data from the video file IF NOTHING other is found (see issue https://gitlab.com/tinyMediaManager/tiny...ssues/1065). This shouldn't be used in the renamer (except there is no other meta data assigned to the movie until it is renamed)... But a detailed example would be helpful
That explains it. Can you make the whole feature as an option since few people would want to pay attention to the embedded tags of their video files? I didn't know either before this happened that those files had that embedded tag.

As for the renaming incident, I checked the log again and found out that I had run rename command right after re-creating my library. So all movies were "new", and that might have caused tmm to confuse title with movie name tag for some movies while renaming. I don't know why that happened to only a few specific movies.