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Full Version: DVD Bonus feature which are not in the TMDB
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I'm aware of the way to handle a video which is in several parts Split Videos and I'm wondering if that same technique could be applied to this situation: I recently ripped a set of three DVDs each of which had a bonus feature, "The Making of...".  For the first DVD there was actually an entry in the TMDB for that title, but for the other two there was no such entry.

Now, my question/idea is, can I add the first under it "official TMDB" title, but append "Part 1" and the use the same title for the other two but change to "Part 2" and "Part 3" respectively?....Thanks....RDK
You can, although depending on settings Kodi might "merge" them together and play them as one file as using "part 1" is an indicator of the kind of split video you refer to.

The more community friendly thing to do might be to get an account on TMDB (or whichever backend database you're scraping) and edit the metadata there to add the other specials as their own individual items. The you've updated and corrected the information for everyone.