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Full Version: How to make permanent keyboard shortcut for AudioNextLanguage
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first - i will never understand thats so complicated to change the Audiostream in a Videofile.... normaly this would be one of the first keybord shortcuts i would bring into such a project...Wink

Problem: i remote control kodi by the webinterface and did not find a simple way to change the audiostream by keyboard.

i tried to change keyboard.xml as follows:

* i put the following in to use my "z" key to change audiostream
-> no change

* used Keymap Editor Add-on and changed the key to my "z" key
-> it worked, but only until next restart of the computer

* found out that i may be have to use a keyboard code, id instead of the key itself  (like i saw in when i used the Keymap Editor).
  so i putted the same as the Keymap Editor made into my keyboard.xml:
      <key id='61530'>AudioNextLanguage</key>
-> did not work...

So - how to hell can i bring my kodi to do the fundamental audio stream change without the mouse and using the menu?!?!? This is soooo annoying btw...