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Full Version: question about custom windows / redirecting
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I want to load a custom window when exiting one of the settings windows simply by using <previouswindow>.
But, after the user has clicked a button in the custom window, from that moment on I want the settings window to skip the custom window and proceed to for instance the home screen.
I have tried some things with conditional visibility but either that's not possible to apply to an entire window or I'm doing something wrong.
Is there another way to use this sort of redirection?
You could do it as follows:

Set default control focus in the custom window to a control that is visible based on a skin bool. Said control is in a group along with another control that handles your click (and is always visible).

First time around, focus is on the second control, and it's onclick toggles the skin bool and switches windows.

Second time around the control is visible and it's <onfocus> jumps passes it on to the next window.

Thanks Jonathan. I experimented around, the only way I got it to work is this:

However, then I can't seem to make the button that should set the bool get focused, so I can only activate it with the mouse. When I do that it works allright though.
I'm pretty sure I'm really doing something stupid, it's not my clearest of days Tongue
Try setting the group as the default focused control, then the button as the focused control of the group.

As the group is focused, it should try and set focus to another control inside it.
And there was much rejoice Big Grin
Thanks, that did the trick Smile
Awesome Smile