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Full Version: https://paste.koditv/iwafojikoq keeps saying after I dl this file is not a zip file
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https://paste.kodi.tv/iwafojikoq. After I get to fresh install, it install for the 1st part but when it's get to the 2nd part dl the build...it's says this is not a zip file. I dl different builds and gets the same message. Can anyone help me install kodi on my Xbox one?
(2021-02-02, 22:03)ErfIzm Wrote: [ -> ]Can anyone help me install kodi

2021-02-02 14:39:50.876 T:8 NOTICE: ADDON: plugin.program.909wizard v5.0.1 installed

Please remove this add-on and all related scripts and modules.
As per our forum rules (wiki), there is no support for any wizards or builds or add-ons that facilitate video piracy.