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Full Version: error when copying advancedsettings.xml on xbox one s
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hello, each time i try to copy advanced settings on my xbox using kodi filemanager, kodi abort the action and tell me that is impossible do do that. is there anybody for helping me ?
Search the forum for "AdvancedSettings.xml For Xbox One (kodi.tv)" for a 2018 post.  Basically, you have trick Xbox One, which will not copy .xml files, by renaming it to advancedsettings.mp3.  Copy the "mp3" into the file manager, then rename it back to advancedsettings.xml.
Think this does not support Excel file use CSV file to upload.
(2021-07-05, 11:32)harryoliver122 Wrote: [ -> ]Think this does not support Excel file use CSV file to upload.

I've monitored all your posts a bit, and the above reaction is by far your most useless post of all of them.
What the #$% does Excel and CSV have to with with Kodi's advancedsettings.xml file...?

I suggest you simply stop your applying your incompetence when responding to others on this forum, and first learn from them what Kodi is really about.
Otherwise, your forum account could easily be thrown in the nearest garbage bin without any hesitation.