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Full Version: TMDB scraper is finding the wrong movie - two in the database with the same name
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I've been having remarkable success loading our movie and TV show content into KODI.  Thanks for all the help I got when first starting this project.

Yesterday I tried to add one of my wife's opera DVD's : AIDA (2006) with Roberto Alagna at the Italian opera house at Scala.  

Unfortunately there are TWO entries in the TMDB for "AIDA (2006)": one in Zurich (2-nd in the list) and mine in Italy (20-th in the list). And, of course, the scrapper selects the first it finds.  How can I get KODI to select the correct entry with its images and info? 

@Karellen....Thanks for the quick reply.  I downloaded the "The Movie Database Python", installed it and then tried to duplicate the screen shots in the WiKi page.  I was not successful, so moved on to the NFO option.

I have created a folder (Aida (2006) and added this content:
  1. Aida (2006).nfo
  2. Aida (2006) - Part 1.m4v
  3. Aida (2006) - Part 2.m4v
The Aida (2006).nfo file has these lines:
Quote:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    <title>Aida (2006)</title>
    <originaltitle>Aida (2006)</originaltitle>
    <uniqueid type="tmdb" default="true">370508</uniqueid>
I assume it will load all of the normal info and photos, etc from the database, or do I need more xml elements?  The ID on The Movie Database site was 370508-aida, but I assume I only use the digits?

The simplest way is to make the nfo file, and just put this in it:


Nothing else is needed, just the URL link to the correct database entry. If you then do the scan, it will pick the nfo file up and use that information to point itself at the correct entry.
Thanks...I'll give it a shot....RDK
WOW, worked perfectly.  Thanks...RDK
Thread marked solved.