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Full Version: Clearing the Cache
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I've heard that the image cache in KODI can get very large.  I see that my backup is over 3 GB.  Is this an issue?  This reference (@Karellen- link removed) seems to recommend several add-ons for this.  Before I jump where nothing is required I thought I would ask for guidance. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and recommendations....RDK
The link recommends add-ons that are banned from this forum. I recommend you don't use them as it will then mean you are no longer entitled for support here.

A large cache only becomes an issue for low powered, low storage devices. IIRC you are using Windows, so there is no issue for you.

If you have added and then deleted a lot of content, yes you will have a lot of unused thumbnails, but if you have just built your library, with minimal deletions, then this is the normal size of your cache.

FWIW, my cache is over 12GB.
I'm running KODI on a Raspberry Pi 3 using OSMC, and not Windows.  I use a Windows computer to do the ripping....RDK