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Full Version: Android XBOX App Remote Control doesn't work in KODI on XBOX ONE S
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Remote Control feature of Android XBOX App from Microsoft doesn't work in KODI on XBOX ONE S

- XBOX ONE S (Minecraft Ed)
- KODI 18.9.0 (Git:20201023-0655c2c718) from Microsoft store
- XBOX Android app (here in Play store)
- Samsung Note 9 (stock w\ all updates from Verizon)

- Open the XBOX App for Android on phone
- Connect to the XBOX
- Open REMOTE feature of the XBOX App for Android
- Start Kodi on the XBOX using the remote

Nothing. Kodi unresponsive to remote.

Remote feature of XBOX App for Android control Kodi on my XBOX ONE S

- Same remote control other apps on XBOX like main UI, Sling, Amazon Video, Spotify, & Pluto TV. Ergo, feels more probably a KODI problem than one with the Android XBOX App Remote Control.
- I *can* control this instance of Kodi using "Yatse" Android app. Works perfectly.
- This repro's on 3 different XBOX ONEs in house: 2 x Minecraft S and 1 x original 2003 'big black box'
- I've enabled all the setting relevant to remote control (upnp, web, etc.) in the KODI 'SERVICES' section.
- Did not include logs intentionally. Before I do that I wanted to see if this might be a known issue. My search here on forum did not show any matches, but maybe someone will see this and it will ring a bell. Maybe I just need to turn on a setting.
- Yes, I can control the XB with the XB app and Kodi with Yatse but it's a pain to switch back and forth (think swapping two physical remotes all the time)