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Full Version: Kodi with SMB on my SeriesX [Problem]
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Hi Kodi Bros Wink

I installed Kodi on my SeriesX, and the SMB entry was missing completely when I wanted to add a new network source that could I fix by simply activating the SMB add-on in the add-ons. Now I also have the SMB point when I add a network source would like to. I also installed Kodi on my Android TV and wanted to do the same here on the SeriesX, but when I access my SMB share press in Kodi, of course the user / pw query comes, and that's where I get stuck. I enter my details, press OK and then I'm back in the same screen as before, where you have to enter user / pw. I just can't get this to work
I have similar, maybe the same problem. I got to the point where in files I can see both my laptop and router with external HDD, but I can't enter them to pick which sub-folders contain films. When I hit enter, nothing happens. No error, no login request, nothing.
Same issue here.