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Full Version: Confused about dolby atmos and dts for headphones
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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this but nonetheless. 

I'm using kodi to watch movies on my laptop. The Blu-ray files I have are a mixture of different audio encodings, like Dolby atmos and dts-ma. Since I know I can get surround sound through my headphones, I'm looking into Dolby atmos or headphones and dts sound unbound app.

Firstly I'm unsure about if I need just one or if I need both of them and switch to Dolby for Dolby atmos movies and dts for dts-ma movies.
Secondly I'm also confused If I even need either of them as I have read that kodi is able to decode both these formats. If this is the case would I just set the kodi output to 7.1 and let kodi do the rest? Thanks.

ps. I have no avr/receiver or other devices people say to pass audio through to since I'm new to all of this.
I went down the rabbit hole and ended up taking a read of windows 10 spatial sound docs. It seems the answer is that it depends.

Spatial sound is abstracted out from developer in stuff like games, so any output format can be used (dolby, window sonic, dts). However, they can request if they want to use a specific output such as Dolby atmos for headphones at which point you need to switch to it. So for movie and kodi it seems like both would be required for a true experience as they would be requesting dolby atmos or dts. So ill probably pick up a dts sound unbound at a later date.

Please correct me if if got anything wrong, thanks.