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Full Version: Unable to install Kodi Audio Mixer add on on Windows 10
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New member of this forum, and new Kodi user.
I tried to install Kodi Audio Mixer from .zip file, because I didn't found it in Kodi add ons interface. I used the "install from zip file" function with the script.xbmc.audio.mixer-4.0.2.zip file downloaded from internet from the Kodi site.
I got an installation error (structure problem).
Can somebody help me.

Thanking by advance.

Guy from France.
That because it's for Linux systems only.
Can it work on an Android TV or is this to different as well?

(tbh I'm not even sure Kodi Audio Mixer is what I need, though. Basically I'm trying to find a way to set a matrix for the multi-channel downconversion, see https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=215671)