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Full Version: IPTV Brisbane some channels applying wrong time zone.
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On a RPI 3, Libreelec Tvheadend on a 32gb MicroSD. No VPV as yet. Set to Bris time in Region. Only addons are FFmpeg Tool, Aus Weather, Confluence skin.

Applying Matt Huisman’s setup set for Brisbane – which has no daylight saving:


(http://i.mjh.nz/au/Brisbane/tvh-tv.m3u8 and http://i.mjh.nz/au/Brisbane/epg.xml)

With patience, extending timeout, and manually change to Pend, finally got all I need (95%) channels running. (BTW have been using Tvheadend on other RPI2&3 with Tuners for years)

2 Problems

1. is that some channels eg SBS are working off daylight saving time (seems to be Syd time), whereas Bris does not have daylight saving. So e.g. SBS News is at 5.30pm whereas in Bris it should be 6.30pm. If I request for it to record it gets it ok.

2. some channels eg ABC show correct time in EPG but when I request for it to record off EPG, it records an hour ahead. I.e. I requested ABC News to record, but it recorded Back Roads (which was an hour later). So somehow it shows the correct time for ABC news, but records daylight saving time.
This has happened a number of times.

Any help would be great.