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Full Version: Problems with the scrapper and adding a series to the library
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I have an installation of Kodi 18 on a Raspberry where the movies or series are added to the library from a hard drive to which I add content depending on what I want to see at any given time. The problem is that many times I add the seasons one by one and there are times where when I add a new season Kodi does not index it in the library.
I go adding the seasons one at a time because the connected hard drive does not have much space and I usually watch the series and delete its content.

- The Bureau (2015), I have the whole series downloaded and after watching season 2 I add season 3 and this one does not recognize it, I have added the info with TinyMedia and nothing, and with the scrapper either and I do not know what to do to recognize it.

I have cleaned the library, I give it to update library and it adds everything but that series; on occasion it has worked changing the name of the folder (The Bureau (2015) --> The Bureau) but now nothing happens.

I have tried with its name in original (French) and in English and it doesn't add it and I don't know what options to touch so that it adds it.

Can someone guide me on how to solve this?

Saludos y gracias.