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Full Version: PVR: Hide aspect ratio (TV)
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Is it useful at all to have the aspect ratio shown for PVR/TV? I'm not sure. At least for me is useless.

I use Kodi with Tvheadend for IP TV.
All my TV streams are technically "aired" as 16:9. Also letterboxed movies are always broadcasted in a 16:9 stream (e.g. 1280×720), mattes (black bars) included.

So for all channels and all TV content I have the same aspect ratio, 1.78, and so the AR is more or less useless info for me.
For me the aspect ratio should be a measure of effective width/height (excl. mattes!), i.e. with an AR of 1.78 I don't expect black bars on a 16:9 display, with 2.40:1 I knew it is letterboxed.

For technical reasons the streams are always 16:9. This is the standard since years.

If I can't get the real, effective AR (and I don't see how I could get it) I'd prefer to not have the AR icon. AFAIK I can't disable it.

Beside some countries with also other ARs, maybe mixed usage, I don't know if the AR is useful. I think also with other technics (DVB-T, Sat) the streams are typically always 16:9.
Wouldn't it be better to hide the icon, at least for AR 1.78?
Are there relevant use-cases where you get correct aspect ratios for PVR?