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Full Version: kodi is not rendering .tif files on various devices
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Hi all i have kodi installed on few device around the house win pc's and raspberries of various flavors all runng 18.7 with mysql as a database repo with physical files on a windows share machine.

None of the kodi clients will show tiff files of pictures scanned from my scanner but the funny part is it does show thumbs of those files when i am in the folder above them. They are all pretty good sized. RGB 1200dpi 24 bit.

Am I missing a add-on or codec, an option in userdata/advancedsettings.xml , or is the format not supported (even though it appears to process for thumbs). All my jpegs show just fine of equal or greater dpi. Just for referance photo viewer and others show them just fine so they are not in some un-decodeable format.

Can someone get me on the right path to figure this out ?

I would hate to have to convert all these just to see them in kodi and i have 60 some odd years of these too ..hehe that is a lot of disk space to double up on....
They aren't removed in advancedsettings.xml?
.tiff file are raw image files and usually not supported, just like that DNG, CRW, NEF are also not supported, because they are RAW file. Check out *URL REMOVED BY MODERATOR* for more details on file formats and how they work. Now back to your topic, I think you may want to change the settings of your scanner to set the output file format to jpg or png (whichever is available).
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