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Full Version: KODI on Xbox Series X - Album art / artwork display sizes
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Hi, I have chosen Kodi as the media player for all my music on my Xbox Series X. I have thousands of albums in wav format on a 1TB USB stick, which works fine. I am connected to a Sony 75" 4K HDR television. All .wav files are tagged with Foobar. All image files (cover art jpegs) are stored locally. I am struggling to ascertain the following. 

The maximum image dimensions possible to display without being cropped / reduced / compromised in some way.

The best skin, and the best skin setup for someone who wishes to display the album art in all its glory, along with the tags.

If there is any provision for "swapping out" images on the fly if a better quality image is available. 

I am on Kodi 18.9.