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Full Version: How to replace TV show video files?
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When I replace video files for movies, it works smoothly.
Delete old video file> add new video file> Update movie> Rename.

But this doesn't work for TV shows.
After replacing video files, running Update TV show shows two rows for each episode, one black font and one blue font row.
Even after running Rename, the blue font rows still don't go away. You have to restart tmm to remove those rows.

Also when you add subtitle files to the season folder, running Update TV show doesn't parse those subtitle files.
To make it recognize the newly added subtitle files, you have to manually rename them the same as video files.
So it would be great if you could enhance Update TV show action to handle these:

- parse and update properly when video files are replaced with new ones (with filename different from old ones)
- parse and update properly when new subtitle files are added (with filename different from video files)
I will have a look to the replace video video files, but with subtitle files we have a strong naming convention we follow: the subtitle file name must start with the episode file + subtitle language/extension

we may enhance the detection to S/E parsing of subtitle files but this may not happen soon (because this is a deeper change in the update data source logic)