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Full Version: re-fetch IMDB ratings using the command line interface
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Is it possible to only re-fetch IMDB ratings for all TV shows and movies using the command line interface?

What I do ATM is use the –scrapeAll parameter.
I am interested in the exact same thing: updating the IMDB ratings from time to time - without rescraping everything else.

If this is not possible via CLI: what is the best way to do this via the GUI?
CLI can only do basic things like scraping (with configuration configured in GUI)
So scraping in GUI, and unticking everything but ratings should do the trick...
For just refetching IMDb ratings (and votes), using Enhanced Editing> Re-fetch IMDb ratings would be much faster than re-scraping it.
I just noticed Enhanced Editing> Re-fetch IMDb ratings doesn't update episode ratings if the the episodes are selected with the main TV show row. To update episode ratings, you have to only select episodes rows. This makes it impossible to update all shows and episodes ratings in one shot.
I think it should update episode ratings too if a show is selected even with all nodes collapsed.
Thanks for the fix! Now it updates episode ratings as well when a show is selected even with all nodes collapsed.