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Full Version: Simkl TV Tracker Update 3.0.0
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Official website: https://simkl.com/apps/kodi/


When you watch 70% of the video on Kodi (configurable in Add-On options), Simkl Add-on will send a ping to the Simkl API that you watched the video and Simkl will mark this video as watched in your Simkl profile.

Simkl Add-On for Kodi can detect and mark TV Show, Anime episodes, and Movies that you watch on your Kodi Media Player.

Even when Kodi could not recognize the video you’re watching, it will send the filename to Simkl as well, which has a better detection library, especially for Anime filenames so everything that you watch can be recognized and marked as watched. Simkl knows what you're watching, tells you episodes you've missed, and connects you to what your friends are into.

With Simkl you can:
̣─ Keep track of what you've watched
─ Have a cool profile with curious info (Demo profile: https://simkl.com/1/)
─ Connect with friends
─ Compare watchlist with friends so you know what to watch

With this Add-on you can:
─ Scrobble automatically the TV Show or film that you are watching to Simkl

─ Open Kodi. Go to System » Settings » Add-ons » Install from repository » Kodi Add-on repository » Services » Simkl TV Tracker and click Install.
─ Now it should show a prompt with instructions to Login. If this doesn't happen, go to Settings » Add-ons » My Add-ons » Services » Simkl » Configure » LogIn

Tested on...
✔ Kodi 16 ─ v1.0.0 Arch Linux (Jan 2017)
✔ Kodi 17 ─ v1.0.4 Arch Linux (Feb 2017)
✔ Kodi 17 ─ v1.0.4 Windows 10 (Feb 2017)
✔ Kodi 18 ─ v2.0.0 Windows 10 (Feb 2019)
✔ Kodi 19 ─ v3.0.0 Windows 10 (March 2021)

- Q: Can I test Dev versions of the addon?
- A: Of course, you have the source on GitHub (Remember to check the branches)

- Q: I found a bug, what should I do?
- A: Reply to this post or report it on GitHub's Issues (Better)

- Q: What are the main ID databases that Simkl uses for better detection?
- A: TVDB for TV Shows, TMDB for movies, and ANIDB for anime

- Q: Do you have Discord?
- A: YES! https://discord.gg/u89XfYn

For more info, please check