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Full Version: Increase playback speed on xbox one
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Hey everyone,

I know it's now possible to increase playback speed with matrix 19.0,  but since there is a delay with the release on xbox, does anyone know how to increase playback speed with 18.9? 

This feature would be really handy. I've tried with custom remotes on Android but for some reason Kodi doesn't seem to utilise that command.
Yes please. My Xbox Series X is my best bet to view 4K hdr at 120Hz. My mac can’t do it despite its cost.

We need to control playback speed conveniently.

The current Xbox Kodi (18.9.0, 2020-10-24) app does not appear to have this capacity at all. The default keyboard shortcuts do not work and when using the Keymapper add-on the option to assign ‘playback speed’ is not there.

Dream case scenario would use the bumper buttons to play with speed playback.

I would be embarrassed if I am wrong. However, we need this function please. Tyvm.