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Full Version: Running tmm cli with specific setting file.
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Would it be possible to run tmm with the cli and a specific setting file?
My idea is to run tmm cli daily with minimal setting (like update ratings)
And say once a week with more fields to update enabled.
Currently, I have tmm cli set to run daily completely hidden, would be nice if that could be a set and forget with various configurations.
So something like this:
tinyMediaManager movie -u --scrapeAll --daily.movies.json
sorry this won't work. The settings are tied to the database (because the database entries somehow depend on the settings). you could change the /data path via a parameter, but this exchanges the config AND the database. If you can guarantee that tmm itself will not run the same time as the cli runs (this probably will be true since the gui would lock the database anyway), you could copy (exchange) the movies.json in the /data folder prior to CLI and restore if after CLI
That was my plan B alternative .
I allready made a start with a scrip that checks is tmm isn't running and swapping and later retoring the movie and tvshows json files.