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Full Version: Unable on install HTSP Client on Kodi v19 / Windows
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I've been running Kodi v18.9 x64 on Windows without problems. On update to v19, the HTSP plugin (4.4.21) does not work anymore. When I browse the Add-On repository, the category PVR plugins is missing. But when I do a search for "htsp", the HTSP plugin is shown. When I select "install", an error message is shown:
Quote:Die Abhängigkeit auf kodi.binary.global.main in Version 1.0.14 konnte nicht aufgelöst werden.
(Could not resolve dependency to kodi.binary.global.main in Version 1.0.14.)
Windows x86 behaves the same.

Can someone help?
Seems ot be related to updating from v18.9. Starting with a clean settings directory shows the PVR Clients category and the HTSP plugin 8.3.0. I hope it's possible to re-use the previous settings directory somehow.