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Full Version: Update fails on Windows
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Recent two builds failed to update properly on Windows with this error:

ERROR rename update\tmm.jar tmm.jar: Access is denied.
well, there is a process locking your tmm.jar and thus Windows itself prevents tmm from applying the update
Very strange. It was another (hidden) instance of tmm that locked the file and I had to kill the process using process monitor.
Don't know how it happened, but it updates properly now.
This happened again. When update failed, I saw two java and three tmm processes were running on my machine and all pointed to the same tinyMediaManager.exe file.
I can't make two tmm instances running manually with the same exe file in the same folder as the second try gets aborted.
I suspect a certain action with tmm launches another instance runningĀ in the background and it keeps running even after the main tmm closes down.
OK. I see what's happening. When tmm closes, it tries to delete AppData\Local\Temp\tmm folder. But it sometimes fails deleting it for some reason and the java & tmm processes remain in the background.
Then if I run tmm again, I get two tmm instances running.
Don't know why if fails to delete the folder as java(javaw.exe) is the only process with an handle to files in there.