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Full Version: Problem for second season of japanimation (nothing happen)
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 I bought the license for this wonderful software!

TMM works great for movies! But for jap animation (TV shows)  it's something else ... I have configured the anidb scrapper. But tiny works only for the first season ... it never scraps the 2nd, third ... Here the example for the attack on titans, but it's the same for all the others ... The first season it renames the name of the files, but nothing for the other seasons ... Any idea?
You may want to check the Kodi section on TV series and episodes naming

Something like this should work:

- Attack on Titan (2018)
    -- season 01
            -- Attack on Titan S01E01.mkv
            -- Attack on Titan S01E02.mkv
    -- season 02
            -- Attack on Titan S02E01.mkv

The TVDB has the series https://thetvdb.com/series/attack-on-titan