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Full Version: Kodi65 matrix pre-release ready to test
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It seems that Kodi65 is a bit of an orphan. Using un-released Matrix build from https://github.com/scott967/script.module.kodi65 I updated a few dependencies and bumped the version.

The pre-release is available at: https://github.com/fbacher/script.module...2Bmatrix.4
Please let me know if there is anything broken. Otherwise, I'll submit it to be included into the Kodi repository in about a week.
Thanks.  I will take a look at this when I get a chance.  Note that I changed Kodi65 so that it expects an api key from the caller when searching youtube.  I added that to extendedinfoscript as a setting.  I don't know if any other scripts use that feature from kodi65.  (I don't know what scripts import/use kodi65).

scott s.