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Full Version: Why convert (almost) everyting to uppercase?
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I just installed and tried the AMBER skin. I like it, but...

Almost all text is converted to uppercase. And I do not like that. I suppose it is a design issue, but anyway.

Would it be possible to make it an option to *not* convert texts to uppercase, but leave them as is?


Settings, interface settings, fonts, skin default - no caps.
Yes! Sorry I missed that!

A lot better now!


Thread marked solved.
(2021-04-16, 16:41)Filmbuff Wrote: [ -> ]Settings, interface settings, fonts, skin default - no caps.

In guisettings.xml, change lookandfeel.font:

-    <setting id="lookandfeel.font" default="true">Default</setting>
+    <setting id="lookandfeel.font">Default no caps</setting>

And/or ...

In advancedsettings.xml:

+  <lookandfeel>
+    <font>Default no caps</font>
+  </lookandfeel>