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Full Version: Does the skin auto-check its integrity and auto-update itself now?
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I'm asking this because I'm too lazy to search the forum for now (was going to go to bed), and I noticed this strange behaviour when firing up KODI on 2 of my computers.

I've made some custom changes to the skin a few years ago (fonts, thumbnail display, etc.) only to see them annihilated starting from today, a few minutes ago, after powering up my bedroom computer, just to notice the same thing when checking with my living room one.

Is this some new behaviour I've never heard about? How come I never experienced that before?

Edit: It may be because the skin didn't have an update for a while and I simply ad auto-update turned on (I've just turned it off now)

Edit2: I think I have my answer, version 4.6.11 has just been released yesterday, as of now, and the previous version dated back to October 2019. Now that explains. But... how come I haven't saw it mentioned yet here? I think I will search when I'm in a better mood to do so. I have to go to bed now.
All skins in the official repo will update if you have updates turned on, always have done.