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Full Version: 1080p solution for second room
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I’m looking to replace my first gen firetv box in my second room which is connected to an excellent 1080p Sony non smart TV. Kodi runs great but I can’t get YouTube 1080p60 to work.

I’ve looked through the hardware stickies but they are mostly aimed at the newer standards that I don’t need. My requirements are:

Large file size support (NTFS or ExFat)
Gigabit Ethernet
Resolution switching
YouTube 1080p60 support
Ability to side load apps
Good Kodi implementation
DRM app support - but only at 1080p
In the box working remote
Under £50
I don’t need 4K, HDR, HD audio, or pass through.

I was thinking of one of the Chinese Amlogic boxes but I have no idea which to go for as lots are reported as junk. I nearly went for the firetv cube when it was on sale but with only fat32 support it’s a bit of a deal breaker.