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Full Version: Kodi 18 with Confluence skin not showing any Recently Added Movies
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I've just reinstalled a clean version of Kodi 18.9.0, across 3 devices (2 odroid's and a Windows 10 PC). Shared database via MySQL run on another Windows 10 box. This setup has worked beautifully for years, however this time, whilst the Movies library has worked fine, and added all my 1000+ movies, the home menu does not show any movies under 'recently added movies'.
Recently added episodes for TV Shows works just fine. neither the 'main' home menu, when hovering over 'movies', or selecting the 'Recently Added' submenu show any entries at all.

I've not installed any custom library addons etc etc, and if I switch back to the default skin, Estuary, they all show fine (both movies and tv shows), although whilst Movies shows in the 'top' recently added movies, when you choose the Recently Added subment, even in Estuary, there's nothing in the list.

I have a feeling it could be a database issue (Given the Recently Added submenu reads from 'videodb%3a%2f%2frecentlyaddedmovies%2f', but that is gibberish to me.. but any suggestions on how I can fix this?
(2021-04-28, 17:42)Phattchoo86 Wrote: [ -> ]Any suggestions on how I can fix this?

A debug log (wiki) is the first order of business, as always.

Change to the default system skin to verify that the video library has been correctly scraped.
Thanks Klojum, 
stupidly, I finally found the answer. known issue with mySQL 8+... updated the config file to increase allocated memory, and all good now. had to do some really obscure google searching to find it Smile

for anyone else with this issue link to the solution is: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2947517