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Full Version: Log warning when kodi is launched from user w/o access to video/render group
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I've installed kodi on Ubuntu and faced with low performance, 100% CPU utilization and 9 fps while idle in menu.
The reason was that my user, from which Kodi is launched, was not a member of the render group.

It is important to note that it depends on the ubuntu version:
Ubuntu <20 uses video group.
Ubuntu >=20 uses render group.

I also want to mention that Kodi 18.7 is installed from official ubuntu repo on raspberry pi 4 with x64 ubuntu. I have not tested this on an officially supported platform, so if there is no such problem, then I think topic can be closed.
BTW, when playing a video, there is a problem with 100% load and stuttering, but this may be a problem in my platform.


I don't have any experience with the Raspberry Pi. That being said I do know that I have run it on Ubuntu x86/x64 for a few years now.
[email protected]:~$ groups
jason sudo libvirt

This is direct from my desktop that I use daily. I run Kodi on the Ubuntu side on it's own screen and the libvirt access is for my pass through windows vm for games on another screen. I personally haven't had an issue thus far. The last time I remember having to add a user to a group for Kodi was in late 14.04 / early 16.04 maybe.