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Full Version: Box Set cover missing since V19
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Hi peeps

I hope this is in the right place to ask, and the issue I have makes sence?

I don't use Kodi for online streaming, only running movies off my NAS drive using SMB config.
All has been fine for years, but since I updated to V19, my movie box set art has gone, along with TV series.
I used to open "Movie Box Sets" folder, or "TV box Sets" and the list of them would contain the image of each series.
I could change this by selecting Information, or "Scan to libary", I could then choose the cover I want.. However, when I select "Information" I can change the cover, but the image does not insert over the folder, instead, it remains just a folder...
Inside each folder does have the artwork for the film or TV series, it's the index folder which now contains no art work.

Example of root:
.....Gremlins (This used to have the image)
........Gremlins 1
........Gremlins 2
.....Die Hard (This used to have the image)
........Die Hard 1
........Die Hard 2
........Die Hard 3 etc etc

Hope someone can help me