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Full Version: Update Library doesn’t work for Movies, does for TV Shows (Kodi 18.9)
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I can't seem to get Kodi to properly "see" movies using TMDB.  If I add new movies into my Movies directory, Update Library will not properly find the movie in TMDB.  It just ignores the movie or lists it with the raw filename.  I've been using Kodi (I'm on 18.9) for years and I know how to properly name movies so that they can be found for library update but lately anything new in that directly just isn't found.  If I create an .nfo file, the movie is properly found and information is collected from TMDB for the information presentation. If I don't go to the extra step of creating an .nfo file, the report for information after Updating Library is just "no information" and so no way to force Kodi to specifically attempt to identify that file (unless I use .nfo file).

TVShows work fine in their directory, it's just Movies that fail to be Updated unless I force it with a one line .nfo file linking that title to the entry in TMDB.  This behavior is relatively recent.  Up until a month or so ago, Kodi would Update movies properly.

We need a Debug Log that captures the failed scraping.
(2021-05-10, 21:44)Karellen Wrote: [ -> ]@nerdykit

We need a Debug Log that captures the failed scraping.

OK, will work on getting a debug log for this behavior