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Full Version: Custom shadertoys.
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I just found the Shadertoys plugin and I really like it. I am writing my own but I have to run them by pasting my shader into one of the presets in ~/.kodi/addons/visualization.shadertoy/resources because I don't know where the filenames of the presets are stored. If they are not hard coded in the binary the first place. So is there a more elegant way to do things? Like a custom.frag.glsl I can add to the list to play around with?
Ohaï !

Just came here to say I'm really interested in this too, I managed to modify presets.json and to copy my shader but it seems I can't make audio+buffer work, I also don't really know how to do that as I'm a shadertoy Newbie Smile

Here is the shader I wan't to add to Kodi :


Here is why Spectrogram would be cool to have in Kodi ( ^◡^)っ


I also can post logs or else if anyone want to give a hand Smile
There are actually two different shadertoy add-ons, one for screensaver and one for music visualization. The music visualization add-on has some direct options to use custom presets via JSON or or a single custom .glsl file. The screensaver shadertoy also lets you use your own shader under settings and at least on Windows opens a file explorer to let you pick a file.

If you play around with that please post your experiences.