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Full Version: (universal movie scraper) can't search movie using imdb code
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before yesterday, i can
what is happening?
still can search with title and year
i install and uninstall afterwatch addon
is that the cause?
reinstall kodi, still can't search with imdb code
i am using kodi 16.1 jarvis
no answer
i better not asking
just make nfo file
and search movie poster
the result is almost the same
you got poster and info
I'll move you to the correct forum

(2021-05-22, 12:35)jangkrik Wrote: [ -> ]i am using kodi 16.1 jarvis
We don't support v16 anymore. It is too old. But if you provide a Debug Log which captures you trying to scrape a movie, and the link to the movie that is causing you problem, I can have a look into the problem.
just make movie.nfo file with url to title in tmdb.com for r movies

no need movie.nfo file for other movies to get info from tmdb.com
i mean themoviedb.org

not tmdb.com