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Full Version: v19.1 Video playback issue
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Both systems running Win10, Nvidia 20xx video cards. Fully patched and newest drivers (always). This was definitely a result of upgrading Kodi. 

It appears that anytime a 4k video is played, it is EXTREMELY dark (only see evidence of actual video on the screen on the lightest of scenes but still can't make things out). Two different televisions. Both 4k capable. 

Any ideas what I may need to do?
(2021-06-07, 14:08)debennett2 Wrote: [ -> ]Any ideas what I may need to do?

debug log (wiki).
2021-06-03 14:13:27.427 T:15748 INFO <general>: CAddonMgr::ADDON::CAddonMgr::FindAddons: superrepo.kodi.krypton.all v0.7.04 installed

Please remove the repos/addon's from your Kodi device setup that give Team Kodi a real bad skin rash.

debug log
You have used a lot of 3rd party plugins and repositories that are either not supported or unfamiliar to me which may have altered the code pile. (too many suspects in this case) Your set-up should support Kodi in all it's functionality and with that knowledge, there's a lot going on in the log. Without breaking my eyeballs, wondering if you would consider proving out your hardware and software drivers with a Portable mode (wiki) default skin, local source (just a few videos), no add-ons, no networking, just plain jane Kodi and see if you have the same issue.