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Full Version: GSoC 2021 students / projects that passed the program for Kodi announced
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Missed it as not seen any public general announcement but apparently GSoC 2021 students / projects that passed the program for Kodi has already been announced.



Shardul = Shardul Semwal = Achievement in RetroPlayer (MENTORS = Nick Siakas and gusandrianos) = This project aims to add a feature of native Achievements in Kodi's RetroPlayer using Kodi's UI system. After addition of this feature, users can view their achievements while playing any game. Since in last year GSoC, a way was added in Kodi for the user to login to their RetroAchivements account, so I will use it and fetch achievements data from RetroAchivements. One more point would be to show achievements only to those users are are interested in it means we will add it as an option, those who will be interested can enable achievements.




priyanshu0405 = Priyanshu Jain = Finish the new web interface (MENTOR = Kolja Lampe-1) = The web interface of Kodi was originally written in Coffeescript and had to be re-written in Elm for maintenance purposes. Till now a basic layout of the web interface has been made and adding some features and styling is left. With this project we aim to complete the Elm-Chorus web interface by adding the remaining features from Chorus-2 and also adding some additional features and design along the way.




Congratulations and all the best wishes to @Shardul  and @priyanshu0405