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Full Version: Weblate registrations
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(2022-06-22, 14:32)zbuzanic Wrote: [ -> ]hi, please add me to croatian,

Your wish has been granted.
User gabpull will translate Spanish
(2022-07-31, 18:51)gabpull Wrote: [ -> ]User gabpull will translate Spanish

Is that spanish for Spain, or spanish for Mexico or Argentina?
Hi @gabpull.

Thanks for your interest in this project.

I have accepted most of your suggestions and added you to the Spanish (Mexico) translation team.
Please let us know if that's correct.
I started Slovenian. Where can I check who else is active and who is the reviewer. There are some inconsistencies to be resolved.

Hi @mateju

You're actually the only one on the Slovenian language team.
There's no reviewer/coordinator.

I granted you reviewer/coordinator permissions.

You now also have permissions to review and approve strings.
And also to edit, review, add and maintain the glossary.
Oh, perfect!
Thank you for a prompt reply.

See you at 100% Wink
Haha sounds like a deal!
Thanks Wink

Can you add me to Latvian and Russian team, so I can contribute? Right now read only.

Hi @Coool and welcome to the forums.

I have added you to the Russian language team as well.
Latvian as coordinator/reviewer/translator (all permissions) and Russian as translator.

Thanks for your help.
@Gabe, thanks 🙏.
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