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Full Version: Weblate registrations
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@Yusan007 This is an English-only forum. Google Translate is useful.

"Then wait a while, let's do it when it's crowded"
Hey! I would like to join the Ukrainian translation team. Current Ukrainian localization is horrific, as if someone used Google Translate in its early stages. As a native speaker, I would very much like to change this situation. Cheers!
Thanks so much for helping out with translations.

I have added you to the Ukrainian language team as coordinator/reviewer.
You have access to maintain suggestions, approve translations and maintain the glossary.

I will send you an invite to our official Slack channel for translations as well.
Hello, I would like to help with the language Es_es
My user is @jalvarado0.eses
(2023-01-01, 22:16)hosty Wrote: [ -> ]Hello, I would like to help with the language Es_es

Your wish has been granted.
Hi, I can help with the language zh_tw, can I join the Traditional Chinese translation team? My weblate user name is @Adeptus2
(2023-01-03, 14:42)Adeptus2 Wrote: [ -> ]I can help with the language zh_tw

Your wish has been granted.
Hi everyone after a while disconnected from the translation for kodi, now I would like to get back to work. I have translated some skins and addons for kodi. I have participated in emby translations. And I translated almost 99% of the tinymediamanager. Now I'm finishing the translation of Plex. I would like to be part of the translation team for the Spanish language of Spain.

My profiles... 
On Github: https://github.com/roliverosc-zz?tab=repositories (I lost this account due to carelessness)
On Transifex: https://www.transifex.com/user/profile/roliverosc/
(2023-01-29, 01:52)roliverosc Wrote: [ -> ]Hi everyone

Apparently you have 2 weblate accounts. One normal username one, and the other with some alfanumeric code at the back.
You want the one with 'h' email account or the big one with the 'g' email account?
Normal username, please @Klojum. Thank you very much.
You're good to go.
Hi, I started the Portuguese (pt_PT) translation for Kodi Remote on GitHub in the early days. Just found some issues with it and found this new Weblate platform. Just fixed some.
My user is @pedromendonca.

(2023-02-23, 19:16)pedromendonca Wrote: [ -> ]My user is ..

Go ahead.
user "Nanomani" (Github) for the French Translate

PS : already asked with success
but for some time, I have lost the access to modify.

EDIT : my need https://kodi.weblate.cloud/projects/kodi...mod/fr_fr/
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