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Full Version: Weblate registrations
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Hi, My weblate username is @budaestew I want to join Korean translation.
(2022-05-04, 21:53)budaestew Wrote: [ -> ]I want to join Korean translation.

Welcome, you have been added to the Korean language team.
Hi! Could you add me to the Ukrainian team?
Thanks. :-)
The nickname is the same as there.
Absolutely, you have been added.

Thanks for joining and welcome to the team.

Please add me to the German language team. Weblate user same as here (MarkusEh)

Thanks, Markus
(2022-05-22, 18:14)MarkusEh Wrote: [ -> ]Please add me to the German language team. Weblate user same as here (MarkusEh)

As per a quick check, I see we already have 10 members in the German translation team, as well as a reviewer.
So I'm not sure if we still need to add another translator at this time. We'll contact the translation team and come back to you.
(2022-05-22, 18:14)MarkusEh Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,

Please add me to the German language team. Weblate user same as here (MarkusEh)

Thanks, Markus

If you want to contribute, you don’t need to be a translation team member. Just comment or make suggestions and the team members will pick that up the one or the other way.

I just wanted to translate my own plugin "plugin-video-vdr-recordings" to my mother language, and thought I could take advantage of the Weblate features and UI.
I can also edit the po files, of course.

~ Markus
Please add me
French (France) (fr_fr)
Same name as here skypichat

Hi @skypichat

You're added to the French (France) language team.

Thanks a lot.
I did a lot of with some Add-on.
Maybe the french add-on can be updated? (If its plugin is for all the add-on)

Number of entries 358
kodi-add-ons-audio-decodersencoders/audiodecoder-2sf 1
kodi-add-ons-context-menus/context-item-extras 5
kodi-add-ons-information-providers/metadata-album-universal 1
kodi-add-ons-information-providers/metadata-artists-universal 1
kodi-add-ons-information-providers/metadata-generic-albums 2
kodi-add-ons-information-providers/metadata-generic-artists 11
kodi-add-ons-information-providers/metadata-themoviedb-org-python 1
kodi-add-ons-information-providers/metadata-tvshows-themoviedb-org-python 8
kodi-add-ons-information-providers/metadata-universal 25
kodi-add-ons-look-and-feel/screensaver-picture-slideshow 2
kodi-add-ons-look-and-feel/visualization-milkdrop 3
kodi-add-ons-music/plugin-audio-radio_de 10
kodi-add-ons-scripts/script-artistslideshow 3
kodi-add-ons-scripts/script-cu-lrclyrics 20
kodi-add-ons-scripts/script-embuary-info 2
kodi-add-ons-scripts/script-globalsearch 8
kodi-add-ons-skins/skin-aeon-nox-silvo 152
kodi-add-ons-weather/weather-multi 91
kodi-remotes/kore 1
Thanks so much for all your great work. We really appreciate it.

Weblate will push all new translations to the addon repositories every 5 days or similar, depending on the settings chosen by each addon developer.
Once translations are pushed to the repositories it's up to the addon developer to release a new version.

I have manually pushed all your translations to the addon repositories.

I push out new official language addons (resource.language.*) from time to time.
hi, please add me to croatian, there are few mistakes that bothers me so I want to fix it. Thank you.

username: zvonimir.buzanic
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